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A Personal Change

February 24, 2016 0 comments

Although I have reached the age of 82, which was unbelievable for me when I was young, I have never felt more energized to do something great.  I moved to Hawaii, married a 80+ year old widow, and am living the life of Riley (her name), playing golf, bridge, singing in the chorale, seeing plays and concerts and working at my real estate profession.  I’m looking forward to shooting my age in golf, earning a Master’s Point or two iu contract bridge, singing in four concerts a year and helping other seniors as they progress through the down-sizing process while moving into retirement.

Visits to doctors for check-ups on my defibrillator, the pills I take for my heart and other organs are all just a part of the monthly routine.  Boring should not be a part of our waning years.  Having spent the prior four years in an independent living community in San Diego, I am well aware of the numerous activities that one can engage in during our retirement years.  While there, I acted in plays, headed up discussion groups, enjoyed putting contests on the 18 hole putting course, sang in the chorus, was President of the Tenant Council, played bridge and poker, dart baseball, while sharing great meals in the on-site restaurant.  Should I have cared to do so, I could have played mah jongg, dominoes, shot baskets, worked in the wood shop, played pinochle, been part of a book club, gone out to plays and events with others there, played billiards or ping pong, swam in the Olympic sized pool, worked out in the fully furnished exercise room, watched movies in the 200 seat theater and other items currently forgotten.

Life is too short, even though it is longer this generation and will be longer still in the next, to mope around and have a “woe is me” attitude.  Step up to the plate and begin enjoying the world there for the choosing.

Do you think it could be in Hawaii or what is your favorite action-oriented retirement spot?


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