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“Accelerated” Care

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November 10, 2015 0 comments

Because we are all living longer nowadays, at least one financial services organization, Ameriprise, is saying that the phrase Long Term Care is out and Accelerated Care is in.  The language change comes because of the advances in science and medicine, extending our years above the sod here on earth.  Since many of their products are aimed at creating a retirement income stream, cash flow, for you and me when we reach our chosen date of leaving the work arena, the sales language is being up-dated to reflect the realities of the length of that post earnings period.

Their presentation outlined the three phases of this significant period of our lives.  The first is the “go-go” phase when we are still the most active, probably living independently, traveling, and enjoying the fruits of our labors.  The second phase is the slow-go” phase when we begin to find our bodies and minds saying “slow it down” to accommodate our abilities.  We might still be independently living but for some of us, Assisted Living will be required.  The third phase, as you might expect, is the “no-go” phase when we have to say no to all the outside adventures of living. We begin to live the more sedate life either with outside assistance for care or within a retirement community that provides all the needs of the “no-go” group as well as activities paired to our ability.

An obvious outgrowth of this sales language is the cost of “care”!  Their job is to provide the individual with plans that create the cash flow that will be necessary to fund the retirement phases of his or her life.  So, watch for ads from the financial institutions to see if the phrase Accelerated Care is popping up in their materials.

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