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Caregivers are Heroes and Heroines

by in Retirement
November 19, 2015 0 comments

Bill O’Reilly, in his latest book, Killing Reagan, touted Nancy Reagan as an heroine for her dedication to Ronald Reagan during the last ten years of his life when he was failing.  With each of us living longer and, to a large extent healthier, the diseases of old age are creating a need for care-giving expertise and attention.  Not only are individual family members, like Nancy, struggling with the issues of 24 hour care but retirement communities are putting an emphasis on assisted living and memory care needs.

I can remember my mother’s parents living with us as Gramps fought the onslaught of diabetes and my horror and concern as he lost more and more of his legs to the disease.  Later in life, my wife’s parents spent their final days with us in the extra room, needing the love, nursing and transportation we could provide.  The burden is lightened by love but is heavy nevertheless.

In many instances, families opt to take on this task alone, arguing our parents took care of us when we were young and it is only right that we take care of them now when they are equally helpless to care for themselves.  When there is no family to lean on, individuals find it necessary to bring in outside assistance or change their living arrangements, downsizing to a care facility.  There they find expert nursing and loving attention to their needs, including meals, medications, exercise appropriate to their condition, bathing and entertainment.  Frequently, it also provides relief for the non-impaired member of the devoted couple.

We rightfully honor and respect those who give their lives and limbs fighting in necessary and unnecessary  wars to protect us.  Let’s pay homage and give a pat on the back to those who put their own lives on the back burner to take care of us when we are most in need of it.

What instances of care-giving dedication do you know worthy of mention?

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