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Living It Up!

by in Retirement
November 12, 2015 0 comments

Having recently moved to Hawaii, gotten married at 81 and begun an entirely different lifestyle, I am loathe to “dis” the opportunities available in retirement.  While in California, I was involved extensively within a retirement community with committee work, bridge, acting on stage, singing in the chorus, putting on the golf greens, dart baseball and other activities.  Outside the community, I played golf with my regular foursome, did a little charitable work through my church and attended concerts, plays, the theater and the symphony.  Life was good!

Since moving, it hasn’t slowed down.  It has just changed a little in character.  Several of the activities have continued: choral work, golf and more golf, the theater, bridge at a higher level, musical performances and quiet time activities such as Sudoku and the New York Times crossword puzzle. Now I have added dance lessons to the mix and shared household chores.  The old image of retirement, depicting a rocking chair on the front porch (does anyone have a front porch anymore?) is totally passe.  With the number of our “retirement years” increasing and our health and longevity being enhanced, retirement is about living it up as long as we can.

Don’t get me wrong, I am not the young man I used to be.  I can’t hit the golf ball as far now, one knee has been replaced and the other needs it, I have a defibrillator in my chest, my hearing is going, I’m required to wear glasses while driving, I take too many pills each night before going to bed, my memory is sketchy and my vertigo gives me a quirky gait.  Today I am experiencing my first kidney stone:  OUCH!  But on balance, life is great and I am thankful to still be enjoying it wholeheartedly!

How do you look at your life?


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